After Uttrakhand Disaster and Kashmir Floods the need for plantation is felt now in a keen way. Everyone is thinking, “Alas! we had plants planted on road side instead of buildings, hotels etc. Plants are most apt to subsist under floods.

Not only this plants are Nature’s best friends as they suck nothing for themselves but animals to upon by them. plants are source for medium of life. life without plants can’t be imagined. Barren land lacks energy, spirit. Plants provide everything to us from food, oxygen, furniture, papers, shelters, clothes to pyre during our last journey on earth. Need of the hour is to grow plants, flowers all around available space for the sustenance of life on earth. Plants sustains the fertility of soil by prevent erosion of topmost layer (most fertile) of soil.

Plantation of trees is crucial to maintain a balance in the ecosystem as Trees, makes us live a healthy and pleasant life because it is only the trees, which improve the quality of air and reduce the pollution and lessen the after effect of global warming.

Trees are very supportive to cease landscape and reduce the soil erosion. Trees reduce soil erosion, because they bind the soil through their roots, which would otherwise have been washed away in rain storms and flood.As concrete jungle are increasing in cities, now it is more urgent to planting more and more trees in the surroundings. By planting trees we can return to a natural environment. All living beings such as birds and other wildlife are dependent on trees in some ways or other.

This is because trees not only support life, but also remove various kinds of impurities from the atmosphere.Trees remove excess amount of carbon dioxide and air pollutants present in the atmosphere, including sulphur dioxide, ozone and nitrogen oxide. In return, they give us oxygen required for living life.