Are you, like many others, becoming more aware and concerned about the amount of air pollution we are exposed to on a daily basis? 

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines air pollution as the single biggest environmental health crisis we face today, costing the global economy $5 Trillion and affecting 91% of the global population. No-one is immune to the health impact of air pollution exposure but athletes, children, the elderly, pregnant women and asthma/allergy sufferers are all at particular risk. 


All of the individuals, organizations and resources we’ve mentioned here are doing their bit to raise awareness of air pollution in 2020. This is a great thing. Over time, awareness at the individual level impacts decision-making as well as consumer behavior, in turn forcing markets and leaders to respond and adapt.

Personalized environmental data is already changing the way we live: Estate agents are being urged to disclose information about air pollution, forward-thinking healthcare companies are starting to tell users about air quality & and pollen levels to assist with self-care and the automotive industry is being disrupted by new solutions that protect drivers & passengers from poor air quality while on the road. 

Join the fight against air pollution!

When you know what is in the air you breathe, how you’re likely to be impacted and when the air pollution levels at your particular location are safe or dangerous, you can take steps to reduce your personal exposure. It could be as simple as closing the windows, taking an alternative route to work, or choosing a different park for your picnic date. 

COVID-19 & Air Pollution: Now is the Time


As more and more studies reveal the link between air pollution and Coronavirus severity and possible transmission, the air we breathe has never been more important.

If you’re interested to learn more about the global clean air movement, the top influencers on this subject, and the tools you need to be using to manage your own personal air pollution exposure,